How we define training

Customized Training @

During our training participants discuss and experience new possibilities in small groups as we implement practical and applicable exercises.





  • Classical lecturing to "learn something new" is not only outdated but very inefficient.
  • There is no "one fits all" approach so we tailor our sessions to a neccessary minimum, specific to each client.
  • The best way to acquire knowledge and new skills is through active participation and direct application, always referencing to real life scenarios.


It is important to us to give people the individual tools to broaden and deepen their skills to make more use of their potential when engaging with others. We want our participants to feel confident going into negotiations, to stay authentic, to have the courage to truely engage with others to build strong and lasting relationships.


Time and time again many of our partcipants are surprised how applicable and useful our methods are and how much can be transferred into other areas of life just as easily. That´s because we focus on conveying fundamental principles and not isolated techniques that would only work in specific situations.


Put us to the test and convince yourself. Or ask for your copy of our training catalogue to get a more detailled overview.

We have specialized in the field of negotiation skills, presentation and presence, as well as team communication and dynamics. You may work with us on a one on one coaching basis, and or in small training groups according to your needs.