Natural Presence

Good speakers, successful leaders and charismatic people attract others due to their presence. They know how to motivate and elate people and are able to win them for their ideas and enterprises.

In the training series Natural Presence we share with you the principles and  right tools to be able to inspire and motivate others. Get them aboard through presentations and speeches, in meetings or simply in your individual day to day contacts.

Key Themes

  • The personal intention - key to authenticity
  • The power of voice and sound
  • Expressing clarity through the body
  • Creating trust through a clear profile
  • Speaking and inspiring in front of people
  • The key elements of presence
  • Elating people with good story-telling
  • Understanding and truely embodying ones role

Natural Presence is a modular series of trainings and can be booked singularly or as entire package. You can also get bespoke solutions as a matter of course. Simply select your favoured topics and we tailor the training - for your maximum benefit. Feel free to get in touch and to find out more.

Coaching: We are also glad to work with you one on one, if you are well advanced, prefer the privacy due to your status within the company or public or have very specific requirements like a particular speech, presentation, moderation and alike.